How many PUBG streamers are there in India?

How many PUBG streamers are there in India?

India has more than 33 million active users for playing PUBG mobile which is the largest community in the world. The popularity of the game in India is amazing. So gaining popularity has turned into the streaming of the game on Youtube.

The top players in the PUBG community have started the streaming on Youtube which also gained a lot of attention and viewers. The top Indian players like Mortal and Dynamo have made their millions of subscribers on Youtube. Due to the increase and strong fan base of the game, most of the players also started streaming the game on Youtube.

PUBG mobile gave a boost to E-sports in India and a lot of youth also taking E-sports as there career. So the players who have there own skills and style in the game starting there Youtube career for streaming PUBG mobile.

The game has taken a widespread on Youtube and players streaming their game in the regional languages. So we can say that there are more than two thousand PUBG streamers in India. At least about 100 new streamers are adding every month in this community.

Top 10 streamers of PUBG mobile in India

  • No.10 Gareboo
  • No.09 Kronten Gaming
  • No.08 GTX Preet
  • No.07 The Rawknee Games
  • No.06 Live Insaan
  • No.05 BeastBoySubh
  • No.04 Rongaming
  • No.03 Carryislive (Carryminati)
  • No.02 Mortal
  • No.01 Dynamo

PUBG mobile creators also encouraging the streamers by launching national and international competitions also awarding prize money for the winners.

Also, there are a lot of international players streaming PUBG on youtube also gained millions of subscribers of which most of the subscribers are from India.

The Streamer from Telugu UNQ gamer also has more than a million subscribers so we can say that the game has eventually gained so much popularity in regional languages.

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